A thousand years of history and legends.

The Castle of Tabiano has ancient origins being built between the 10th and 11th century. Prior to this there had been a Roman settlement built on a stone buttress and used for its strategic hill top position to overlook the plains of Tablanus.

Tabiano is considered one of the most important defensive monuments of the feudal period in Upper Emilia, other than being the principle military fortress of the marquis family Pallavicino for the defence of Via Emilia, Francigena and the salt mines.

During its first four centuries, the Castle retraces the great events of the early and late medieval period in Italy: Wars between the Guelfs and Ghibellines, between empires, papal and communal, sieges, destruction, conquests, but also of familial conspiracies, plots and betrayals as well as love.

The owners of Tabiano changed many times, it was an object of conflict and competition involving the greatest families of the Feudal period- the Pallavicinos, and also the Terzis, the Corrnazzanos, the Viscontis and also Frederick Barbarossa Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. From the 15th Century there began a decline, related in part to a change in military strategy rendering the fortresses of defence less important.

In the 19th Century the castle experienced a resurgence of life thanks to Giacomo and Rosa Corazza who bought it from Sofia Landi. Celebrated artists and the best artisans of the region were called upon to decorate the castle with marvellous stuccos, frescos, floors, private rooms and reception halls, which today are partly used for weddings, ceremonies and events. It is possible to have private visits/tours upon request.


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