By car, Tabiano Castle is 14 km (15 min) from the Fidenza-Salsomaggiore Terme of the A1, midway between Milan and Bologna.

The airports of Milan Linate and Bologna are 110 km (about an hour drive) with direct connections to major European capitals. Even closer to Parma airport (30 km), with some national and European connections. About an hour and a half, there are the airports of Malpensa, Bergamo, Verona, Pisa and Forlì with many direct links, including international.

The Relais organizes Taxi and chauffeured car services from the airports and railway previous reservation . It takes 10 minutes by car, with hourly trains to Milan and Bologna where all of the high-speed trains Frecci Red and Silver Arrow. The high-speed train in Reggio Emilia, where there is the Red Arrow directly from Rome and Milan, is 40 min drive. For schedules see .

GPS coordinates : 44 degrees north 47 first and 33 seconds’ 10 degrees east 1 first and 30 seconds.


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